Looking for something specific? 

Email us with photos so we can keep an eye out for that certain special hard to find item. That mid century modern furniture item or fabulous decorative home accessory A picture is worth a thousand words. You can send us photos you've found on Pinterest, Instagram, Google..... or anywhere really. Just copy and paste the photo and send to us. We can enlist our consignors, other vintage shoppers and other retro and mid century modern enthusiasts to make that wish a reality. 

Tips for emailing and sending photos of consignment items:

  • Digital photos tend to be very large... that is to say they take up a lot of data space. Sometimes those photos are difficult for us to download and view.  Try reducing the size of your photo files prior to sending. If you are sending multiple files, it is often best to break them up into a few emails with a couple photos each.
  • Please include as much information as possible about each item, including dimensions condition, and any know issues. If the item has any label or marking, please include that information as well.
  • Sometimes photos are deceiving and color isn't clear when we open the email, so giving a good description of color and tone is often helpful too. 
  • If you have a good idea of what you'd like to get for your item price-wise, please include that as well. We want to make sure the pricing expectations match our ability to sell an item to achieve that goal. We have a pretty good sense of the value of most items in the Salt Lake City marketplace but aren't master appraisers.  Keep in mind that our standard mark up is 50%. For example if you'd like to receive $100 for an item, we would have to sell it for $200 to achieve that goal price. 


We try to check our email throughout the day, but sometimes when the shop is busy that isn't possible. Sometimes the emails go to our junk folders or they just get buried in a pile of other emails. If you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, please give us a call at (801) 364-0664 

Sorry, but we are not able to receive photos via text messages at this number, as it is a land line. We do not have a shop cell phone number for texting at this time. 

You can always stop by the shop in person with photos if you are unable to email. Calling ahead is a good idea in order to assure that someone who is able to assist you with consignment questions is available when you come in.

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